Are you struggling with the quality of your sleep and looking at ways to improve it? Ever considered investing in an adjustable bed or even a CPAP machine to ensure you don’t need to have an uncomfortable sleep again? CPAP machines were developed to increase and maintain a healthy oxygen flow to improve your breathing pattern during your sleep that comes with a long list of benefits. Adjustable beds are built to release pressure off your body to prevent the aches, pains and stiffness you feel in the morning from improper and unhealthy sleeping. In this blog, we discuss some of the advantages of investing in these two products and how they might be exactly what you are looking for to guarantee you a healthier sleep. Let’s discuss!

Sleep should be a priority in your life, always. It’s as important as eating and drinking and it is necessary for you to have good sleep to maintain your health, body and mind. CPAP Machines and adjustable beds are investments to a happier and healthier you. 

CPAP Machine 

A CPAP machine is a machine you use when you sleep, normally recommended to help treat individuals that suffer from sleep apnea. The machine and mask is built to help you receive optimal oxygen flow while you’re sleeping to maintain a consistent oxygen flow routine and promote a better and healthier sleep. 

Some of the way in which a CPAP machine can improve your sleep and be a beneficial investment to you are:

  • Provide a healthier oxygen flow 
  • Releases pressure off your wind pipes 
  • Opens your airways to ensure you don’t wake up from airway blockage 
  • Improves mood, skin, weight loss, performance 
  • Lowers risk of diabetes, migraines, drowsiness 
  • Overall improvement of health

There are so many issues that you will be surprised to know that are linked to an unhealthy sleep and sleep apnea, it goes deeper than just feeling tired. It comes with mental health issues, chronic brain problems, lack of blood flow to the brain etc. If you’re someone who suffers from sleep apnea, snoring or just difficulty breathing during their sleep, then this is the product you want to invest in. 

Adjustable Beds

Investing in an adjustable bed may be exactly what you need to finally get the successful night sleep you’ve been dreaming of. Adjustable beds are made with a memory foam mattress that molds to the shape of your body to give you a peaceful sleep without pressure and a heaviness on your chest and back. By using the adjustable bed to elevate yourself slightly up, you’re removing pressure from your chest and back that will prevent you from feeling sore and stiff in the morning. Adjustable beds are perfect for seniors, who may need assistance getting in and out of bed and suffer with back pains. However, adjustable beds are perfect for anyone who wants the best sleep possible with better circulation and optimal health. 

Here are some of the beneficial reasons to invest in an adjustable bed for your home: 

  • Improve back, neck and body pain
  • Release pressure off your lower back 
  • Provide you with a deeper more enriching sleep 
  • Engineered to mould perfectly to your body, to make your sleep unique to you 
  • Better circulation for your body

Ultramatic adjustable beds are #1 In Australia, we’ve helped clients all over Australia get their sleep health in check and change their lives for the better. With a lifetime warranty on our bed frames, you are protected and guaranteed to have this bed for life and drastically improve your sleep life. We also guarantee you the lowest price in Australia and promise to beat any advertised price on a comparable bed by $100, so you know you are guaranteed to get the best service in Australia. 

If you are someone who struggles with sleep apnea and wakes up in aches and pains quite frequently, then investing in these two products can not only save your sleep but save your life. If you aren’t getting the sleep your body needs, you will not feel fully rested, comfortable and ready to take on the day. Sleep is just as important as your diet and wellbeing, it needs to be prioritized in your life. 

Ultramatic is dedicated to providing Australians with a peaceful and comfortable sleep, every single night. We are your number #1 sleep health company that can provide you with exactly what you need to fix your sleep schedule and help you maintain a healthy sleep routine. Want to chat with an expert about more? We’d love to speak with you about how we can help! Give us a call on 1800 210 330 or fill out our enquiry form here to find out more!