The mobility scooter offers active seniors with one of the easiest and more fun ways to spend a day outdoors – these allow anyone who struggles with mobility the opportunity to stay independent and active while outdoors. The mobility scooter is considered to be an assistive technology. Assistive technology is defined by the World Health Organization (2004) as any device or system that allows individuals to perform tasks that they would otherwise be unable to do or increases the ease and safety with which tasks can be performed. In order to carry out the desired activities, for example visiting family or going shopping, users need the physical functionality mentioned above.

Limited mobility should not get in the way of you or a loved one, enjoying an exciting and fulfilling life! Below are a few of many benefits of owning a mobility scooter. Check out these top 5 benefits of using a mobility scooter.

Convenient & Easy to Use

A walker or a cane is often considered appropriate when you need to travel a short distance but can easily tire you out. For longer distances, the portability of a motorized-scooter has a lot to offer:

  • Easy-to-handle steering, adjustable armrests, and wider seats
  • Fold-down backrests and an easy disassembly for easy transport and storage


The demand that is continuously growing for mobility scooters has forced the scooter market to become highly competitive. Usually, mobility scooters are now available at lower prices as compared before – the savings on costs make these scooters a preferred option and, may even be covered by Medicare for some or all of the cost.

Better Lifestyle

If someone needed a way to get around in the past, there was the option of using a manually operated or motorized wheelchair. However, today selection can be made from a variety of styles and options that a mobility scooter has to offer. Seniors can get around to places they never could before; such as a shopping mall, a grocery store or even just a nice ride around the neighborhood. If there are family gatherings or even just a nice ride around the neighborhood. If there are family gatherings or reunions, these can be enjoyed as they were in the past.

Traveling along on a tough and sporty electric scooter offers an enjoyable and secure way to explore mobility in an independent way. Many of mobility scooters come with color panels that are interchangeable, offering personalized options. Today, these electric scooters are easy-to-use, comfortable, and come in various styles and models.


Mobility scooters are typically designed for comfort, but people come in various shapes-and-sizes. There are different style seats for all preferences. One of the considerations to keep in mind is the leg room. Remember that every person has their own way of sitting and one should try out a few models before deciding on a model that offers enough leg room, comfortable seating, and back support.



There are many options available and the majority of the models can go 25 miles on one battery charge. Mobility scooters can help senior citizens or anyone with a disability for that matter. You no longer have to expend all your energy by walking or using a traditional wheelchair. If you are a senior, you don’t have to sit at home and miss out on all the fun. You can head out to our store or call 1800 210 330 now and if you order your new mobility scooter today you will receive a $500 one time discount for a limited time!