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Find a genuine solution to your sleep health problem with one of our Ultramatic Adjustable Beds.

A Full Night Of Deep Sleep Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do For Yourself. And Ultramatic Provides A Range Of Solutions For You. Our Adjustable Beds Have Been Designed To Eliminate The Common Problems You May Have That A Traditional Mattress Might Not Offer. The Secret To A Good Night’s Sleep? Finding The Perfect Settings For Your Own Sleep Story.

Benefits of Ultramatic Adjustable Beds

Easy Adjustments: Set your bed height to the most comfortable position for you to get to sleep faster — and stay that way.

Pain Relief: Your custom sleep position can eliminate common pain points you may experience with a regular mattress.

Vibrational Massage for Better Circulation: Built-in vibrations can promote muscle recovery and pain relief. This will keep you fully rested and ready for tomorrow.

Get the Deep Sleep your Body Needs

Deep sleep is critical for physical and mental recovery. Studies show that you need at least 7 hours of restful sleep every night for optimal health. That means the high-quality, deep sleep without waking up or feeling restless.

Ultramatic beds adjust to meet you where you lie. Memory foam offers comfort no matter your sleep position. And the beds can position you up to reduce snoring,

No matter your needs, Ultramatic has a solution that will achieve your sleeping goals. Take a look at all the ways these beds can change how you think of bedtime.


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