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Sleep Apnea Testing

All results are confidential. It is as simple as that!


Call/Email us and we arrange a date and time to come to your house FREE of charge

We then provide equipment which will be an overnight home sleep test
We then go back to your house the next day to pick up the equipment and provide you with the results on the spot

All results are confidential

Sleep Apnea Testing

Sleep is a non-negotiable biological necessity. It is your life-support system and it is Mother Nature’s best effort yet at immortality. Yet, sleep deprivation is having a catastrophic impact on our health, wellness, and safety.

Throw in the issue of sleep apnea into the mix and it isn’t a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, the way the system is set up is that a sleep apnea test is recorded against your Medicare file when completing a level 1 or 2 test and many people do not wish to risk taking an assessment as it may impact their livelihoods and career.

Ultramatic is pleased to be offering level 3 sleep apnea testing.

Why Ultramatic

Ultramatic provide:

  • mobile service – we come to you!
  • based on the results of your level 3 test, we are able to recommend which ResMed CPAP Machines is required
  • all results are confidential and are not disclosed
Sleep Apnea Form
Address (we come to you)
Address (we come to you)
Ultramatic provide a confidential, basic level 3 sleep apnea test. Since it is a level 3 test, we will not report your findings to any third party. However, you acknowledge and understand that in the event that you suffer from severe sleep apnea, we have a legal obligation to report your findings. Please check this box that you understand this. *

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