Snoring can be troublesome and a burden to all kinds of people or a sign of a larger problem. People who snore have too much throat and nasal tissue or extra floppy tissue that creates the vibration. The risks of snoring include high blood pressure, heart disease, and is more than ten kilograms overweight. Either way, several tricks below are listed that can help manage the condition. Keep on reading below.

1. Lose that extra weight – extra fat around the neck can cause your airway to narrow, thus restricting breathing. Shedding some weight can sometimes be one of the best ways to stop the snoring.

2. Avoid alcohol before bedtime and quit smoking – Avoid any alcoholic drinks for at least two hours before bed. This is because alcohol restrains the activity of the airway dilator muscles causing the muscles in your throat to relax more than usual. At a relaxed state, the muscles vibrate more that which worsens snoring. Smoke from cigarettes can irritate the lining of your nose and throat. This causes swelling and creating less area for air to pass through easily.

3. Stay clear of certain medication – Sleeping pills, sedatives, and muscle relaxants work the same way as alcohol as far as snoring is concerned. Thus, should be avoided if you are already prone to snoring.

4. Get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated – Make sure to have enough sleep to reduce snoring. While dehydration can cause the secretions in your nose and soft palate to become thicker. This can also lead to snoring. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day.

5. Elevate the head – Sleeping on your back on a flat bed can also induce snoring. What you can do is raise the head of the bed to achieve the desired position where you are not snoring anymore. Try sleeping on your sides or get yourself an adjustable bed.

Sleeping upright may often be the best way to ease snoring. Some people find that they snore less if they are more in an upright position. While some are fine with just lying down. Raising the head helps to open up the nasal airway passages and pushing the tongue and jaw to move forward.

Adjustable beds allow a person to find the exact position that fits the best and reduces the chances of snoring. An adjustable bed is a more effective solution to keep your airway clear for air passage. Furthermore, adjustable beds also relieve pressure on the back and neck area.

Adjustable beds when properly positioned can make you get a more restful sleep. And a good sleep can lessen many aches and pains and even medical issues. Nothing can stop snoring forever but some tips cannot hurt. Simple changes to the way of sleeping can have an extreme outcome to an individual’s health.

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