We all have our favorite sleeping positions. One of the very common misconceptions is that one cannot sleep on their side in an adjustable bed. When side sleeping, consider yourself one of the 70% of people that fall in the side sleepers category. This article is about the adjustable bed for side sleepers.

Side sleeping is the most common of all the sleeping positions. We have tested and rated the best mattress for side sleepers along with compiling all of the research to help side sleepers. This helps side sleepers understand how to optimize their bedroom for a great night of sleep. Sleeping on the left side is more preferred because digestion is better and snoring is also reduced. Side sleeper who suffers from gastric reflux, heartburn or hernias may find temporary relief when sleeping sideways. Additionally, side sleeping is great for a lot of people including those with obstructive sleep apnea. Moreover, for people who suffer from neck and back pain, and even pregnant women.

Based on our research, here are some key features that side sleepers should look for in an adjustable bed:

Source: Wall Street Journal

Adjustable Bed for Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side on a flat bed, it can lead to shoulder, neck or hip pain. And this pain may compound over time due to the stress impose on them. The muscles in these body areas tend to take the pressure of your body weight.

Thus, it is critical for your health that you find an adjustable bed that can contour well to your body. Offers support to the natural alignment of your spine, takes off the pressure from your hips and shoulders. And thus, aligning your head and spine so that your muscles can relax.

Side sleeping is easily accomplished by raising the head of the bed to a position of comfort and with knees slightly bent. Using the adjustable bed for side sleepers may also find comfort when the foot is raised slightly.

A good and restful sleep is extremely important for complete physical and mental health because a bad sleeping routine is one of the main cause of many health problems.

Adjustable beds are not specific to any of the sleeping position. Whether you sleep straight, on your side or down your stomach an adjustable bed is fit for all. It is the reason they are called ‘adjustable’, they are adjustable to everyone’s specific needs and a good sleep is a necessity rather than a luxury.