Investing in adjustable beds is an excellent solution for a senior citizen. The benefits are not just maximizing comfort though, an adjustable bed can also help with other issues related to aging including pain, circulation, and the struggle of getting in and out of bed. The bed base will allow you to adjust your head, your feet or both ends of the bed separately to find a position that is most comfortable for your individual needs. 

Better Circulation 

The best option for seniors to improve their circulation is to look after their exercise and their sleep. At night, our bodies can stiffen up and become very still, this can cause issues with our circulations which can lead to bigger problems. Having an adjustable bed can elevate pressure points and provide a vibrational massage that helps blood flow through the body and muscles successfully throughout the night. This will help seniors wake up feeling less stiff and fatigue. 

Prevent Pain and Suffering

Sleeping laying flat causes a lot of pressure to sit on your lower back and neck. This is what causes those unwanted aches and pains in the morning. Lifting your upper body relieves pressure on your back, improves blood flow and gives you weightless sleep. Adjustable beds make moving during the night and changing sleep positions a lot easier, therefore seniors are able to get comfortable without the struggle and pain.  It will be so much easier for seniors to get in and out of bed with this extra support. This reduces stress on caregivers and families that do not live with their seniors full time. 

Increase Quality of Sleep 

By investing in an adjustable electric bed you are improving your sleep health and increasing your quality of sleep. You are more likely to get a deeper, more relaxing sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed. This will release the pressure off your body and increase blood circulation. It is important to prioritize good sleep health as our sleep schedule impacts every other aspect of our life. Especially in a senior’s life, having a good night’s sleep is so important to keep them healthy, happy and comfortable. 

We have multiple different adjustable beds to choose from to ensure you find the perfect match. Choose the adjustable bed that best suits your needs and provides seniors with a better quality of sleep. In order to ensure a healthy sleep, we offer a 10-year warranty on our electronics and adjustable beds. To learn more about the best bed options for you, contact our team today!