Machines are getting smaller and more advanced with each passing year. Also, the increasing recognition of the risks that come with sleep apnea over the past decade. Manufacturers knew that users don’t want to pack bulky CPAP machine wherever an out of town trip comes. Thus, this inspires the manufacturers to innovate products which can cater to a diverse and active lifestyle of the consumer.

The Mini CPAP or the ‘Travel CPAP’ is the solution for people that are always on-the-go. So, what are the benefits of a mini CPAP?
  • Good for camping
  • long-distance travel
  • “off the grid” locations

2. Lightweight and easy packing.

The mini CPAP compact features make it easy to pack or use during long flights or travels.  Equipped with a sleek tubing, the mini CPAP is now easier to pack. It also adds flexibility of movement during sleep.

3. Charging Flexibility.

The mini CPAP comes with a rechargeable battery pack. Most mini CPAP models have an integrated battery installed. While some allow the user to have a spare one to pop in while the other one is charging. Mini CPAP that comes with battery packs has DC power converters to be plugged in anywhere with a power outlet.

4. Simplified Navigation. A quiet device.

There can be a noticeable difference in the simplicity of buttons present in the mini CPAP. Some may find it a temporary relief for having spared the many choices before using the CPAP.

These mini devices create virtually no noise. Making sleep more peaceful and long nights tolerable.

Mini CPAP is very popular because of the many conveniences it can give to users. One example of a popular mini CPAP is the  ResMed AirMini. It is the smallest available mini CPAP at 5.4 inches length, 3.3 inches width, and 2.1 inches height. The ResMed AirMini weighs only 10.6 ounces.

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