Adjustable beds seem to always get the stigma that they are only used in hospitals and aged care homes, although now they are definitely making their way into everyday residential homes as many people are beginning to see the benefits of them.
Adjustable beds are more suited for the elderly as the health benefits and practicality that an adjustable bed can offer reduces many issues that the elderly face during old age. 

Here are some common problems that seniors face and how having an electrical bed can assist: 

Edema is a common problem among seniors and even though it may not be a painful problem, it can make walking very troublesome and tiring. Edema is the swelling in the legs, ankles and shins and although is more common in the elderly it can affect all age groups. Many of us have propped up our legs with a few pillows and although this is a temporary solution, this does not help when sleeping as the pillow can move causing you to need to wake up and readjust, leading to loss of sleep. An adjustable bed can aid in the reduction of swelling by keeping your legs raised above your heart at all times, improving the circulation of fluid and removing the need to continuously adjust pillows. 

Adjustable beds are a great way to bring relief to those who struggle with back pain. With an electric bed you can adjust the bed to suit your specific sleeping position that will relieve your aching joints and vertebrae. By lifting the headrest of the adjustable bed you will add a lot more support to the base of your spine while also helping align you back. 

As we get older the need for sleep lessens but the quality of sleep needs to be as rejuvenating and restorative as possible. The side effects of elderly not sleeping properly can be rather severe and includes memory loss, headaches, cognitive difficulties to list a few. An adjustable bed will help them get in the most comfortable sleeping position ensuring them a restful night sleep preparing their mind for the next day ahead. 

Arthritis is a common problem for the elderly, stiffening and aching joints is the result of arthritis. An electric bed can be the most helpful apparatus for an arthritis sufferer, as generally waking up in the morning and getting out of bed is the hardest process. Having an adjustable bed can help “push” the sleeper out of bed by lowering the end of the bed and raising the head rest, putting them in an upright position, and not forcing them to put too much pressure on their joints to sit up and swivel out of bed. 

Adjustable beds are not just for the elderly, they are for anyone and everyone who is looking to improve their quality of sleep and reduce leg, back and arthritis pain. An adjustable bed can really improve your sleep and wake up time and are a worthy investment.