Do you know someone that suffers from arthritis? Or maybe you’re struggling with it yourself and seeking out ways to make your situation less painful? You’ve come to the right place! Our team of professionals are here to discuss how considering an Adjustable Electric Bed might be an option in improving your quality of life, be beneficial to your arthritis and make your sleep and morning less painful. Adjustable beds are built to provide a better sleeping environment and circulation for your body. 

What is Arthritis? 

Arthritis refers to the swelling or tenderness of joints and pain within a patient’s joints. This can cause people to feel stiff and make movement excruciating. Arthritis tends to get worse over time, as you get older, your mobility tends to decrease which results in this unfortunate occurrence. Arthritis is quite an umbrella term and there are many types of arthritis that can affect the joints in your body. 

Symptoms of Arthritis

The most common signs and symptoms of arthritis involve the joints. Symptoms can vary, depending on the person and depending on the type of arthritis, the common signs and symptoms may include:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Decreased range of motion

From these symptoms, arthritis can also lead onto issues outside of a patient’s joints and impact:

  • tiredness
  • weight loss
  • feeling unwell

How an Adjustable Bed can Help 

Treatments vary depending on the type of arthritis. The main goals of arthritis treatments are to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Arthritis sufferers benefit from adjustable beds because they increase blood flow to the affected areas of the body, reducing inflammation in the surrounding joints. Furthermore, arthritis is caused by the build-up of lactic acid in the joints, which contributes to stiffness and soreness. The improvement of circulation can significantly reduce swelling and tightness related to arthritic symptoms. Having an adjustable bed makes it easier to change positions throughout the night, improving circulation and blood flow.

An adjustable bed means an arthritis sufferer does not have to put their body in grief by having to lift their back and body up from a vertical position every day, the bed can be adjusted to help the patient out, putting less pressure on their joints and preventing that painful morning sit up. 

By using an adjustable bed, you also relieve pressure off your neck and back during your sleep, sleeping in an elevated position that the adjustable bed can provide more support from your body and less pressure on your joints. Sleeping in this position will also help you get that ‘weightless’ sleep you dream of. 

Having a condition such as arthritis, can be really hard to live with, having constant aching and joint stiffness can really take a toll on people. A sufferer deserves a chance to improve their quality of life by finding ways to decrease the symptoms through treatments, equipment and exercises. Before making any decisions in regards to your arthritis, consult with your healthcare professional to see whether this is the right decision for your case and good option for your condition. 

Our Variations of Adjustable Beds

We have 7 completely different adjustable beds to choose from at Ultramatic, Australia’s #1 Adjustable Bed Company. Choose the adjustable bed that best suits your needs. Our team members are happy to help you find the perfect match for your body. Your sleep since we understand everybody is different. These adjustable beds come with a 10-year warranty, while our bed frames have a lifetime warranty. In saying that, we are able to provide you with the healthiest sleep possible. Here at Ultramatic, our beds are proven to be reliable, so you can be confident in them too! To learn more about the best bed options for you,  contact our team today!