CPAP Machines are primarily used to treat patients who have obstructive sleep apnea. If you or someone you know has unknown sleep problems or sleep apnea it would be best to go and consult your doctor and see if you can diagnose your sleeping problems. Your doctor may need to refer you to a sleep study to see just how severe your sleeping problems are. 

Air pressure 

After you have your sleep apnea study conducted, a technician will test your response to a variety of air pressures to see which sleep apnea machine is set to the right amount of air pressure. 

There are 3 different types of CPAP machines you can buy.

  • There is the traditional CPAP machine that only conducts air at one pressure. This may be good for those who need a steady flow of air at a certain pressure. 
  • APAP machines provide variable pressures that will adjust to the users need of different air pressures throughout the night 
  • BiPAP (BiLevel) machines have one setting for inhale pressure and a lower pressure setting for exhale. 


Comfort is a very important factor when buying a CPAP machine and it may take a bit of time to find the right machine for you, although when you are spending the money on an expensive machine you want it to be perfect for you and there is no harm in that. It is very important that you ask if the manufacturer you are reaching out to does a trial period to see if the machine is right for you. There are many different types of breathing masks that you can try and each will have their own comfort level for each individual, shop around and find the right Resmed CPAP machine for you.


There are many different manufacturers in Australia, you can find all different price ranges and specifications between Resmed, Phillips, Fisher & Paykel and many other brands. You need to do your research and find what people are saying about their particular machines, make sure when you go on a manufacturer’s website that they have an unbiased result, your comfort and sleep comes first. 

Buying options 

Now that you have started to narrow down what machine you will be needing based on your comfort levels and what is recommended for you by the sleep study technician you can start doing more research on the different options you can get and where you can save money. Here are some buying options to look out for: 

  • Pricing: With a quick search of CPAP Machines online you will soon discover the competitive market for sleep apnea machines. Compare your prices and try to find the best deal on your machine. Ultramatics is a very competitive company and is Adelaide based.
  • After sales service: If you purchase your sleep apnea machine online you need to check to make sure they do after sales service just in case something goes wrong with your machine.
  • CPAP Machine Rental: Being able to trial your CPAP machine before you buy is a huge selling factor, this shows the company trusts their products and only wants the best for you. This allows you to try which machine is best for you in terms of fixing your sleep apnea problems and getting a mask that is comfortable to sleep with. 
  • Free Shipping: Let’s be honest who doesn’t love free shipping. This should be a factor for everyone who is looking for a sleep apnea machine, especially when you are paying the amount you are.
  • Travel CPAP: Are you 100% sure you will never sleep in another bed that isn’t your own? If not you should look into getting a sleep apnea machine that is going to be able to be transported easily for when you go on a holiday and need your machine with you to get your rest. Most new CPAP machines are lightweight and are travel friendly, although you should always ask the question when purchasing one. 
  • Below 30DB machine: The quieter the machine the better. You still need to fall asleep when using the machine and you don’t want to keep your Significant Other awake all night with a loud machine. A CPAP Machine in the dB range of 25-28 is classed as a very quiet machine.