Most of us take for granted a good night’s sleep and how much it can benefit our bodies overall. How often do we all as adults, have a decent night’s sleep? If you’re someone who often struggles to fall asleep or wakes up consistently throughout the night, as a result of pain or discomfort, then you may be considering buying an adjustable bed.  Electric adjustable be raised or lowered in certain positions to assist the user with their areas of discomfort. Adjustable beds are a breakthrough invention which has assisted many sleep deprived individuals with to obtain a good night’s sleep. If you are interested in investing in an adjustable bed, here are some factors you should take into consideration.


Although most adjustable beds offer the same concept overall, it’s important to be aware that some offer additional features which could better assist you with your health concern. For instance, if you’re someone who suffers frequent back pain, you may opt for an adjustable bed that offers lumbar support through a lumber raise or a lumbar bar. The Vibration massage can also assist with muscle relaxation and temporary relief from joint and muscle pain. You should also consider the angle to which the bed can be lifted to. Some may only be lifted to a 40-degree angle and some can be lifted as high as 70. When you are shopping for your new bed, ensure to ask the salesperson to list all features included so you can choose an adjustable bed which is right for you. 


One of the most important things you should always take into consideration when purchasing an adjustable bed is the length and conditions of the warranty. Various manufacturers will offer different warranty terms and this could impact your purchasing decision. Always ask questions about the areas which you are uncertain about to ensure you have full clarity about your warranty. It’s vital you understand exactly what you need to do in the event your bed does have a malfunction and who can assist. It may cost more to purchase the bed with longer warranty; however, it provides you with peace of mind and an extra sense of security.  At Ultramatic, we offer 10 years warranty on both the mattress along with any motors and electronics as well as a lifetime warranty for the frame. 


If you sleep alone, the task of choosing an adjustable bed can be much simpler. However, if you need to consider your other half, you must factor in both your sleeping preferences. If you both sleep in different positions i.e. back sleeper and side sleeper, you may opt to have a split adjustable bed, that way you can both enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without disruption. Some beds with particular features can be much nosier than others, if your partner is a light sleeper, this may interrupt their sleep and so you must keep this in mind.  Consider your partners needs and come to a compromise when selecting the right adjustable bed for your lifestyle. 

Adjustable beds today are more advanced than ever and offer incredible features to help people sleep more comfortably. If you are feeling sleep deprived, purchasing an adjustable bed could be the solution to your sleeping concerns. In order to make the right decision, it’s crucial to ask all the questions you’re uncertain of, in order to invest in the bed that’s right for you.