Adjustable beds are considered useful for anyone with back pain, athletes, or those who seek a good night’s sleep. Over time, medical professionals have understood the benefits of a goodnights sleep through research and results from user trials. One of the many benefits of an adjustable bed is that it can increase mobility for its users. In the case of a user who is experiencing back pain, an adjustable bed can help to give extra support, reduce pressure on the spine and help users get out of bed with less discomfort. There have also been studies of adjustable beds that show an improvement in acid reflux, breathing complications and an increase in blood flow. Sleeping at an incline promotes blood flow around the body, this can be beneficial for those using adjustable mattresses to help support injury recovery. An increase of blood flow to areas of the body such as the spine may promote faster recovery.

The recommendation

An adjustable bed allows for users to adjust the bed into a position that causes the least amount of pain and discomfort. An adjustable bed is seen as a beneficial investment for those who suffer back pain for four main reasons: it allows you to sleep on an incline, provides support for your back, reduces joint compression, and prevents unnecessary back pain, muscle relaxation or reduces tension. An adjustable bed has the ability to provide extra support to your back as the position you leave the bed in will not change, unlike other methods such as placing a pillow behind your knees to alleviate pressure. Sleeping on an incline is largely supported by medical professionals especially in recommendation for back pain. This is because when your knees are elevated with extra support it can help alleviate tension in your back, which overall will improve your sleep quality. Another reason this is incredibly useful is because being at a slight incline can help promote the natural curve of the spine which will increase your blood flow and thus promotes a faster recovery of damaged tissue. As a benefit of reducing joint compression, it will ensure that you wake up feeling pain or discomfort less frequently as you will be further supported. There has been research that shows that a flat mattress can cause more discomfort and may cause tension to build in your joints.

Benefit of adjustable bed

Back conditions that have found the implementation of adjustable beds beneficial for recovery include Degenerative spondylolisthesis, Osteoarthritis, and Spinal Stenosis. An adjustable bed is seen as an effective method in pain management because having your back or knees at an elevated angle can help ease aggravation and promote blood flow to the areas of your discomfort. As you are able to change the way your body is angled with of areas support it may ease stiffness and discomfort when waking up or laying down after long periods of time. An adjustable bed can also be used for those who would like extra support whilst sleeping. However, adjustable beds do not need to be exclusive to those who experience back pain. If you are seeking a bed that can provide you with better support, an adjustable bed is a great investment opportunity to look into. Although the considerations of affordability, size and quality are all standards to think about before purchasing an adjustable bed, it is also important to consider whether they can serve you in pain management and prevention of back pain. There is a variety of adjustable beds to choose from in terms of size, quality, and material. There are different types of beds that can suit everyone, but it is important to consider what you are wanting to use it for and the ways it may benefit you. In particular, adjustable beds can help aid sporting injuries, back and knee pain and have even been proven to provide comfort for users who have recurring heartburn. Once you have decided what type of adjustable bed suits you, you should find that it releases tension built up in your spine and you should feel more comfort over time using the various adjustable features.  Alongside the necessary preventative measures and regular physical therapy such as chiropractic and physiotherapy solutions, an adjustable bed is a great addition to assist you in alleviating and preventing future pain and discomfort.