You wake up one morning and decided you really need that adjustable bed. Not because it is some kind of a trend right now, but because your back or neck needs some TLC. Finally acknowledging the fact that the mind is willing but the body is weak.


Browsing for your potential adjustable bed online, you realized what are you even looking for? So many choices to choose from but they all say the same. And I’m right, am I not? At least to someone unfamiliar with the terms. Most people think that buying the most expensive one is still the best choice. Turns out just fine but so many things included in the package that you don’t even know what for.


So, here it is, the list of feature you might be looking for in buying an adjustable bed. Read on, you can thank me later.


  • In buying an adjustable bed, look for the one that will allow you to raise and lower your head and legs. Possibly to multiple different positions, so you can find your best comfort zone. This will be a take away since you are to be buying an adjustable bed, not some clone of your last bed.


  • Should be available in different sizes. Something that will fit with your existing headboard. This too because we all know your bedroom is not the same size as your neighbor’s bedroom. Which in most cases, your chosen adjustable bed should not take up any more space than that conventional bed you are replacing.


  • Can at least be moved to up to 45 degrees of head elevation and 25 degrees of foot elevation. This is considered a primary feature to all adjustable beds. Of course, you can choose to go up to these basic features, for a bit more money too. Although, do you really even need to?


  • Gives you a quiet and uninterrupted sleep. Buying an adjustable bed for home use, you can opt for the DC motor as it is much quieter than the AC motor. Beware of the warranty services of the electric motor though. Choose the one with a longer warranty period, as they tend to be more durable. Opt for the extended warranty for it can give you peace of mind too.


  • Provides an easy to use remote control. Wireless will cost more. Depending on which you prefer, wired or wireless will not be an issue.


  • The issue will be what if you are not sleeping alone and you are sharing the bed with a partner? In buying an adjustable bed, ask if it can offer a dual control. That way both parties are happy and contented.


From the listed adjustable bed features above, you can opt to add:


  1. Wave type body massage. A bit luxurious, but wouldn’t it be wonderful being massaged right before going to sleep? Saves you the extra buck for the massage spas you are enrolled into.
  2. Warming feature to add to that “ohhh” so snuggly experience.
  3. Some added feature that the salesman might know that I am not aware of.