How poor sleep can affect your daily life:

Ultramatic offers a range of adjustable beds that can help improve your night’s sleep, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and that your body is well rested. An adjustable bed improves circulation of blood flow throughout the body, improving your overall well being with a better night’s sleep. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer the best memory foam mattresses that are manufactured to mould around your body, which improves your overall sleeping experience. Ultramatic’s mattresses are engineered to provide you with all of the necessities needed to help your body rest. Our adjustable beds and mattresses are built to be durable, breathable and provide cushioning to keep the body feeling stable all throughout your sleep.

We understand that lack of sleep impairs performance and our adjustable bedding options may be able to assist in improving your overall sleep quality significantly. A key indicator to know if you are suffering from sleep deprivation or sleep apnea is if you notice reduced alertness, shortened attention span, poor memory, reduced work efficiency or loss of motivation. These are common signs of exhaustion, but this can be changed by finding the right bedding solution for you to get your good night’s sleep.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, digestive issues, or blood circulatory problems, an adjustable bed can assist in helping you have a good night’s sleep as this may be rare on a regular, flat mattress. If you lack a good sleep you may notice an impact on your overall health, making daily tasks much more difficult than they should be. An adjustable bed allows you to figure out which sleeping position is best for you, you have the ability to determine the incline or recline on your head and legs, meaning that you have the ability to choose the position that feels the most comfortable for your body.

Our solutions

At Ultramatic we can also offer our customers the opportunity to sleep with Zero-G positioning. The Zero-G position on your adjustable bed is useful in releasing lower back pressure, after a few minutes of using this function you will notice a decrease in built up pressure through your back. Not only does the Zero-G function help to improve build up pressure in your neck and back, it is also simple to use through our remote control. We recommend using the Zero-G setting by laying flat on your mattress for a few minutes, then changing to the Zero-G setting for a few minutes. After a few minutes, change the adjustable mattresses back to a flat setting and you will notice how much pressure is on your back when laying flat. Our adjustable beds offering the Zero-G function give a ‘weightless’ feeling throughout your lower back, overall improving your comfort.

Alongside an adjustable beds ability to relieve built up pressure in your back and neck, they also have the ability to prevent snoring through adjusting your head and feet positioning. Ultramatic recommends sleeping in a slightly upright position as it assists in deeper and more comfortable periods of sleep. Our adjustable bedding can also improve circulation through our vibrational massage feature! A vibrational massage is proven to increase blood circulation throughout the body and muscles. This will allow you to fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling less fatigued, meaning that you will be able to perform your best the next day.

Different size bedding options to suit everyone!

We offer a variety of adjustable beds to suit all of our customers in finding the right solution for them. We offer single beds (90cm*201cm), king single bedding (105cm*201cm), queen bedding (150cm*201cm), split queen bedding (2x 75cm * 201cm), double bedding (137cm*187cm), dual king (2x90cm*201cm) and dual super wide king (2x 105cm*201cm).

Let us help you find your best bedding solution

At Ultramatic we pride ourselves in our ability to offer quality, comfort, and satisfaction to all of our customers. We also offer our customers a lifetime warranty on all adjustable beds, which also include the bed frame. All working parts included in our adjustable bedding such as lifters, hand control and motors are also covered by a 10 year warranty! Our adjustable beds are #1 in Australia, you can sleep soundly knowing that our products are high quality and supportive. We are always happy to assist and provide any advice you may need, please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire and decide which bed is right for you. We are able to assist over the phone, feel free to contact us on our phone number 1800 210 300 to see how our bedding options can help in improving your sleeping health!