Each person has a different kind of mattress preference which can depend on their intended use. With so many varieties of mattress in the market today, choosing what fits your needs can be the hardest decision.  Below are the most popular types of mattresses in the market today to help you determine what is what.


Made from either natural or synthetic rubber, these mattresses are best known for people who want a firm but good bounce, responsiveness, and cooling effect. Latex foams provide comfort like memory foams, however, latex mattresses do not contour to the body’s curves. A latex mattress is great for relieving back pain because it offers the comfort and supports some people are looking for.


Memory foam mattresses are great for body contour shaping, support and pressure relief. However, memory foams have a bad reputation of being “hot foam mattresses”. Newer lines of memory foams in the market today are redesigned to have cooling properties.

Not all memory foams are created equal though. This is because this kind of mattress is made of layers of different foam densities that responds to weight and temperature. This means the support it exerts to a heavy vs a light person is not equal. One unique feature of this kind of mattress is its absorbs movement, thus making it likely a good choice if you are sleeping with a partner.


Coil mattress or also known as the innerspring mattress is the most popular and widely used kind of mattress. This mattress can have one or more layers of spring coils that are made of steel. This steel spring coils are the one responsible for providing the support and comfort to the sleeper. This kind of mattress is for sleepers who want the spring feel of bounce. More coil means more bounce.


These beds, as the name implies, can be adjusted into the preferred sleeping position of the sleeper. This is usually achieved by elevating the feet or inclining the back. Some adjustable mattress today can offer massage and/or heat to the sleeper. An adjustable mattress is generally compatible with adjustable bed frames only.

This kind of mattress is best for sleepers who have specific needs, typically because of certain medical conditions. Conditions like sleep apnea, mild to severe snoring, chronic lower hip or back pain, among others. People who also suffers from acid reflux can also benefit in this kind of mattress by elevating their upper body.


High-end air beds will look like a standard innerspring mattress, but unlike innerspring mattress the air mattress is air-filled. Air beds are usually used for patients with spinal cord injuries who are bedridden for a long time. This kind of mattress can be adjusted to avoid skin blisters in patients who cannot move. This kind of mattress is very useful for sleeping partners that have different bed preference.


The mattresses in these beds have the tendency to be very thin. A very thin mattress means that it is flexible enough to be folded or collapsed. The advantage of having this kind of mattress is the convenience it gives. However, it is not something sleepers will choose to sleep as if they are looking for comfort.

A night or two on a sofa mattress is not bad but sleeping in this kind of mattress for a long time is probably the worst kind of sleep to have. This is because the innerspring in this bed is so thin that prolonged sleeping can be so uncomfortable.


A hybrid mattress is generally made from a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foams, coils, and other materials. This kind of mattress is usually designed to maximize certain features while also minimizing some disadvantages.

This kind of mattress is best for sleepers who want the best of mattresses. For instance, a latex and memory foam hybrid mattress can give a great bounce, cooling, and support while also providing great pressure relief.

When to Part with Your Old Mattress?

Even if today’s mattresses are advertised to last for a long time, sleepers are advised to not keep their mattresses for that long. This is because our bodies change over time, thus the mattress that once offers comfort may no longer be as comfortable as it was before.

In addition, mattresses have the tendency to collect dust mites, fungus, and other germs if not properly taken care of. These allergens can affect sleeping patterns.