As we grow older, we often start to suffer from mobility problems as our joints begin to wear out and we begin to suffer from conditions such as arthritis. We are not as agile as we once were and moving around can be slow and painful and just getting into a comfortable position can be a challenge in itself. Then there are the problems associated with simply getting into or out of a bed or chair, again this can be challenging as we grow older and less mobile.

Electric adjustable beds for the elderly are a perfect solution. Imagine not needing to tumble into bed but being able to sit down and easily and comfortably get into bed. Imagine how much easier it is to be able to sit up in bed and watch tv or read a book if the bed position can be altered and adjusted to give the most comfortable position. Adjustable beds for the elderly also allow the sleeping position to be adjusted as required and when required.

Adjustable beds can be an easiest way to receive a higher level of comfort for many reasons. It can provide better support to those who have health problem issues and some sleep disorders. It can help to naturally help elders and with disability get a better sleep solution. It even helps to promote the healing process – a fact hospitals have known for generations.

Blood Circulation

People can adjust their beds to provide an optimal amount of circulation based on what their needs may be. This makes sleeping easier on the entire circulatory system including the heart. Adjustable beds also make it possible to target specific problematic areas, such as a joint or a leg, to raise them up to a therapeutic level.


Typical Aches and Pains

If you don’t have a chronic condition, you can still benefit from owning an adjustable bed. Muscles ache with activity and joints can begin to creak because of gravity. An adjustable bed helps to ease the pain with better blood flow, the removal of stress from body pains, and weight shifting that can provide more overall comfort. The result is an end to aches and pains without the need to take medication sometime.

Acid Reflux


If you wake up 2-3x per night because of a bitter burning taste in your mouth, then you may benefit from owning an adjustable bed. The same is true if you find yourself belching after meals for some time after you’ve finished eating. As little as a 6-inch incline can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping the stomach acid where it is supposed to be. This eliminates the stress that is placed on the throat and promotes a better night of sleeping without heavy antacids or protein pump reducers that can affect the quality of sleep.



Adjustable beds are often a required item for those that have ongoing health problem that limit their mobility. Whether it is because of age, injury, or an inherited condition, these beds help to promote greater independence because they are easier to get in them or get out of them without any help. When handrails are included with the frame, the job to get into bed or get out becomes even easier.

There are many therapeutic benefits of adjustable beds, since medical professionals strongly recommend that patients sleep with the head or legs elevated for a variety of conditions. If you’re interested in a holistic approach to healing you should consider this therapeutic recliner beds.

Here at Ultramatic adjustable beds, we have a wide array of therapeutic recliner beds and adjustable mattresses for the elderly and with disability. We are also an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registered provider for your guarantee assurance quality, comfort, and satisfaction.