Wanting to get an adjustable bed but you think adjustable beds are for hospitals only? The popularity of adjustable beds nowadays has surpassed its hospital use only image. There are many advantages and disadvantages of adjustable beds which you can read about here. Depending on why do you need an adjustable bed for, the positive benefits generally outweigh the negative ones in improving your sleep. Take a look at our tips below that can help you choose just the right adjustable bed.
1. Know what is an Adjustable Bed
The most important is educating yourself on what an Adjustable Bed is and its benefits. Getting into the market and not knowing which kind of adjustable bed you need can be overwhelming. There are many different models of adjustable beds to choose from. For instance, manually adjustable beds may be cheaper but will be more difficult to adjust. While the electric adjustable beds could be bigger and a bit more expensive but will save you time and effort.
2. Consider the mattress too

Make sure to give yourself the best sleeping surface possible as the right mattress will give you a good sleep and will help in reducing pressure at contact points. Most mattresses come with features like memory foam, latex foam, the traditional innerspring and air bed. And depending on the maybe waterproof for easy cleaning.

Your primary concern when choosing a mattress is its flexibility and durability. Memory foam mattresses reduce the pressure and pain very well and easily contours the body to the mattress.

A thinner latex mattress is the best because they can easily adapt to your preferred sleeping position. A latex mattress is more buoyant in feel than memory foam mattress.

Innerspring type of mattress uses springs or coils in between the foam. Innerspring mattresses tend to be not as flexible and durable as the first two mentioned type of mattress. While air beds, on the other hand, can be potentially stiff to be adjusted.

3.Warranties and Features
Not all adjustable beds have the features and generally, you pay more for additional features and add-ons. Features like wireless remote control, programmable buttons, massage, smartphone compatibility etc. Above all the add-on features mentioned the only unarguable adjustable bed feature that must be present is for safety.
Before buying the mattress, it’s no harm to ask what exactly does the warranty covers.Does it cover only the parts and motors? Or does the warranty includes service charges for the repairs?
4. The Noise
If you choose the electric Adjustable bed, you may want to ask the salesperson how the bed is powered. DC motors, found in automobiles tend to be smaller, less expensive and quieter. AC motors, on the other hand, are more durable but tends to be louder than the DC motor.
The durability of the motor can be evaluated on how long the warranty covers it. The longer the warranty, the more likely that the motor is durable enough to withstand years of use.
5. It’s aesthetically pleasing
It’s a bed whatever reason you have bought it for. And it will be on display inside your room so it does need to be pleasing not only for your body but also for the eyes.
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