CPAP machine is an affordable and one of the common form of treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea. However, choosing the suitable CPAP machine can be a problem because of the many CPAP models available in the market. And listing the options and what to look for in buying a CPAP machine can cut off the selection time dramatically. So, here are some of the checklist in buying a CPAP machine.

1. Easy to use design

A CPAP machine with a customer friendly interface can make customizing a simple task. Simple and uncomplicated design for everyone that is not a gadget geek.

2. Quiet Operation

Let’s face it, no machine is guaranteed 100% quiet operation. An ideal CPAP Machine is at least 30 decibels or lower, hardly noticeable for a good night sleep. New models from ResMed have reduced noise levels, making the full therapy experience fulfilling.

3. Smart Control

One example is the climate control, this special feature makes the CPAP machine easily adapt to the environmental changes happening. This will come in handy especially when one is traveling a lot. Despite the changes in the surroundings, this feature will maintain a steady supply of temperate air to the user.

Another smart control option is the Auto Adjustment feature. This feature automatically adjusts and save the preferred settings. This smart feature can save you the time and stress of repeatedly checking and resetting your CPAP machine. And some CPAP Machine automatically turns on when the mask is put on and turns off otherwise.

4. Portability

Whether traveling for business or leisure, portability will be an issue. So, having a  compact and lightweight CPAP machine can help a lot in saving space. Portability includes the size and weight of the CPAP machine and charging capability.

5. With Humidifier

Having a humidifier in your CPAP Machine can eliminate dry and irritated nasal airways by supplying moist air. But not all CPAP Machines are humidifier ready. New models of CPAP nowadays comes with built-in humidifiers as opposed to older models with separate humidifier unit. Some are much more comfortable and satisfied using warm moist air than cool dry air.

6. Leak compensation

There will always be an air leakage somewhere, no matter how good the quality of the breathing mask. Leak compensation feature compensates for the pressure loss due to these minor leaks. Helping in the maintenance of the prescribed air pressure setting.

7. Exhalation pressure relief

Exhalation pressure relief feature ensures an easier exhalation while using the CPAP Machine. In short, this feature makes breathing more easy and normal. Maintaining the prescribed air pressure during inhalation and relieves the pressure during exhalation.

8. Data Recording and Storage Capability

Why buy a CPAP Machine that can store or record sleep history? This is because it is critical as this helps your therapist understand the issues and point out any improvements while undergoing the CPAP Machine therapy. With data recording capability, the therapy technician can make adjustments to the CPAP machine, monitor progress, alert when the machine needs an upgrading.


Buying a CPAP machine is a medical necessity for everyone suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Although, this does not mean settling for what is available or suggested. As today’s leading CPAP manufacturers offer a wide range of CPAP machines designed to fit any budget. Jam-packed with special features that support a healthy and restful sleep for suffering patients.

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