Vibrogym might just be the best kept fitness secret today. In terms of versatility, there is no tool better adapted for people of all ages, conditions, and fitness levels. The Vibrogym vibration plate is a result of vibrational technology from decades of scientific research by the brightest minds in the fitness and aerospace industries. When it comes to high intensity interval training (HIIT), the vibrational movement provided by the Power Plate can ramp up your intensity quite effectively.

Here are the 3 vibration plate exercises for beginners using Vibrogym vibration plate:

Feet Positioning

Simply standing on a Vibrogym vibration platform is a workout. The machine exerts an ample workload on its own, so significant movements are not needed to begin working out. The best way to slowly introduce yourself to working out on a vibration machine is to make slight adjustments with your feet positioning. Simply bring your feet either closer together or farther apart from each another, while keeping them parallel. Combined with the effect of whole body vibration, these slight movements will cause enough muscle stimulation for a significant workout.

Intensity Level

Another easiest way to modify a workout during vibration plate is to change the intensity level of the machine. Different intensity levels provide for different desired effects, with lower intensity levels (ranging from 1-28 Hz) being most beneficial for proprioception, rehabilitation, and muscle relaxation. Higher intensity levels (29 Hz and above) are most beneficial for more intensive results such as weight loss, muscle toning, and strength training.

Exercise Positioning, Duration Time & Frequency

By holding different exercise positions with vibration plate, you will be able to target specific parts of your body. We’ll get into holding positions more in the intermediate exercises, but as an introduction, here are some examples of various positions that each target a specific body part: squat, plank, lunge, abdominal bridge, etc. Performing static and dynamic exercise positions can provide for a simple and effective modification to your training.

Increasing the duration of your workouts can also significantly improve your vibration plate training. Typical workouts on the vibration plate machines can range from 5-10 minutes, but you can work your way up to a higher level of intensity by extending your workouts to 10-20 minutes each.

Another way to easily modify your workout for better results is the increase the frequency of the training. For example, increasing your exercise frequency from three days a week to five days a week will help you achieve your desired results more quickly.